EV Charger | Wallbox eMH2


The smart all-rounder with billing function, load management and remote software updating The Wallbox eMH2 is the ideal solution for charging your private or company vehicle in your own garage, or as a multiple unit installation on company or hotel parking lots. Thanks to two integrated energy meters, loads can be controlled and, in conjunction with a backend, billing according to kWh can be carried out accurately.

ITP14 Universal Process Indicator 0-10 V / 4-20 mA

AKYTEC Display

The ITP14 is a universally-applicable process display for monitoring and control of industrial processes. This device has a compact, standardised design and fits into a standard 22.5 mm borehole for signal lamps. This provides quick and easy installation and many displays can be accommodated in a control cabinet door or on a panel.

Modul-Compete 50 modular Signal tower Ø 50mm

AUER Tower Light

Modul-Compete 50 modular Signal tower Ø 50mm Cost-optimised modular 50 mm Ø signal tower for classic 24V DC applications in industry Up to 5 positions possible

Capacitor Contactor

BENEDICT Contactor for Capacitor

Capacitor contactors for switching detuned and not detuned (without f lter circuit reactors) compensation systems with early make contacts

Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCBs)


Doepke ผลิตเซอร์กิตเบรกเกอร์ขนาดเล็ก พิกัดกระแสตั้งแต่ 0.3A จนถึง 125A ทนกระแสลัดวงจร 6kA, 10kA, 15kA, 20kA (แล้วแต่รุ่น) ขนาด 1, 2, 3 โพล ติดตั้งบนราง DIN 35 มม.

Multifunction voltage monitoring relay with LCD display | HRN-100

ELKO Monitoring Relays

Multifunction and in many ways universal monitoring relay which protects devices and equipment connected to a 3-phase network.

Consumer Unit | Mini

EPN Consumer unit

กล่อง Consumer Unit รุ่น MINI มีแบบ 4 ช่อง เหมาะกับงานร้านค้า ติดตั้งง่าย มีรุ่นแบบมีฝาปิด และไม่มีฝาปิด สนิทแน่น มี Terminal N และ PE ด้วย ใส่กับเบรกเกอร์ชนิดติดราง DIN 35 มม. ได้ทุก Brand ใส่อุปกรณ์อื่นชนิดติดราง DIN 35มม. ได้ เช่น Time Switch Made in Poland

Power Capacitor – multicond

KBR Power Capacitor Power Qaulity

Power capacitors for reactive current compensation in single-phase and 3-phase versions, developed for the highest requirements. Apart from a long operating life and high current and voltageload capacity, safety in case of overload (all-pole overpressure disconnector) is a crucial advantage of the compact dry technology components. Other features are good heat dissipation, low self-heating as well as reliable performance at high ambient temperatures.


LUMEL shunts

Measuring shunts B2 type are destined to extend measuring ranges of d.c. ammeters, wattmeters and electrodynamic or ferrodynamic counters which accuracy classes are: 0.5; 1; 1.5; 2.5.

Distribution blocks – OJL

MOREK Distribution blocks

Distribution blocks OJL are intended for distributing conductors with larger cross-section to several smaller ones. These blocks are provided in 6 standard designs with a nominal connecting crosssection of 70 mm² Al/Cu (6 outputs for copper cable), 120 mm² Al/Cu (11 outputs for copper cable) and 240 mm² Al/Cu (7 outputs for copper cable). AF and AFS models are designed for connecting (input) of flxible busbars 10 x 25 mm or several other bars of 1 x 25 mm. MOREK

Digital Time Switch – NFC

MULLER time switch

Hugo Muller ผู้ผลิตนาฬิกาตั้งเวลาแบบ Digital จากประเทศเยอรมัน รุ่น SC 18.x0 Easy มีแบบ 1 C/O และ 2 C/O ให้เลือกใช้ - สามารถตั้งเวลาได้ 56 โปรแกรม - มีแบตเตอรรี่สำรองไฟได้ 10 ปี - สามารถเปลี่ยนแบตเตอรี่ได้ - ตั้งค่าการทำงานผ่าน Application ใน Android phone ได้ - ฯลฯ

DC Power Meter

MULTITEK power meter

The M850 is a 96 x 96 mm Din cased, blue or red LED or LCD, DC power meter with the option of RS485 communications and pulsed output.

Fuse for PV


Ie 32 A, Ue DC 1000 V, for cylindrical fuse-links 10x38 for protection of photovoltaic systems, 1-pole design

Screwed Terminal Blocks – MRK

ONKA terminal block

ONKA ผู้ผลิต Terminal Blocks จากประเทศตุรกี 🇹🇷 ชนิด มีฝาปิด 2 ด้าน รายแรกและรายเดียว

Distribution Boards with Transparent Window IP66


Numerous circuits can be created with few components. Indeed, topTER is a modular system: industrial, interlocked and civil sockets including data transmissions can be combined in absolute freedom.

Multifunction Analyser – RI-F500

RAYLEIGH Power Quality Analyzer

Single & Three Phase Power quality measurement DIN 96 panel mounted with IP64 front Real time clock, 8MB Memory with Event and alarm recording Mono graphical display Modbus communication Harmonics up to the 63rd Active energy EN62053-22 Class 0.2S Waveform capture, waveform display, phasor diagrams etc.

Slim Interface relays SIR6W, SIR6WB – NEW!

RELPOL Slim relays

Slim Interface Relay รีเลย์ขนาดบาง เพียง 6 มม. ประหยัดพื้นที่การติดตั้ง หน้าคอนแทค 1 C/O RELPOL New interface relays SIR6W, SIR6WB! For direct mounting on 35 mm rail mount, with operational relay RM699BV or RSR30.

Push-in Thermostat


Thermostat ชนิด Push-in KTO 111: Thermostat (NC); contact breaker for regulating heaters. The contact opens when temperature is rising. KTS 111: Thermostat (NO); contact maker for regulating of filter fans and heat exchangers or for switching signal devises when temperature limit has been exceeded. The contact closes when temperature is rising.

Motorized change-over switches


The three and four pole change-over switches, with motorized operation, allow remote control of change-over/breaking/disconnection under load of power circuits in low voltage systems.

Surge Protective Device for data transmission


S-F 1/6 is an SPD for the protection of equipment connected to Category 6 A cable systems according to EN 50173-1. S-F 1/48 PoE+ and S-F 1/48 PoE+ b are SPDs for the protection of equipment connected to Category 6 A cable systems according IEEE 802.3 at and ISO/IEC 11801 for 10 GB applications.

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