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EV Charger

MOREK EV Charge EV Solution

MOREK เครื่องชาร์จรถยนต์ไฟฟ้า EV Charger หลากหลายขนาดทั้ง 1 เฟส และ 3 เฟส ใช้งานง่ายได้มาตรฐาน

Insulated copper flexible busbars

MOREK bus bar

MOREK Insulated copper flxible busbars Moflx are manufactured out of highly flxible copper strips either in bare or tinned version. They are insulated with high quality mechanical, electrical and self-extinguishing PVC.



MOREK The immediate use with injection, auto-levelling and reenterability make this product very flxible in every application, even in areas with diffilt access. The cartridge package optimise space needs and allows a dosing for specifi applications.

Gel joints Break


MOREK Gel filled underground connections’ joints Gel joints Break series is suitable to guarantee insulation of low voltage main and shunted, single-pole and multi-pole connections ranging from 0,6/1 kV. The list of products is made up of a series for main connections and a series for shunted connections. The first series allows single-pole and multi-pole connections with max. section respectively of 1×185 mm² and 4×25 mm²; the second series allows single-pole and multi-pole shunted connections with max. section respectively of 1×120 mm² e 4×10 mm².

Distribution terminal - MAG


MOREK Distribution terminals MAG 25 is designed to connect copper cables in the range of 2,5 to 25 mm². Universal quick-mounting unit for horizontal and vertical mounting for 35 mm mounting rail.

Universal terminals - OTL


MOREK Universal terminal blocks for copper and aluminium Universal terminals OTL are designed for copper and aluminium conductors. The terminals are suitable for all types of copper or aluminium conductors with cross section up to 240 mm². Multiple copper wires can be placed to the OTL terminal blocks according to the respective terminal type (see Table of universal terminals OTL wiring connectivity below). IP protection class for OTL terminals is IP20.

Distribution blocks - OJL

MOREK Distribution blocks

Distribution blocks OJL are intended for distributing conductors with larger cross-section to several smaller ones. These blocks are provided in 6 standard designs with a nominal connecting crosssection of 70 mm² Al/Cu (6 outputs for copper cable), 120 mm² Al/Cu (11 outputs for copper cable) and 240 mm² Al/Cu (7 outputs for copper cable). AF and AFS models are designed for connecting (input) of flxible busbars 10 x 25 mm or several other bars of 1 x 25 mm. MOREK

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