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LUMEL transducer

Transducer is destined to convert the temperature, resistance, voltage from shunt and standard signals into a standard constant-current or constant-voltage signal. The transducer output signal is galvanically insulated from the input signal and the supply.

Power meter - ND20

LUMEL power meter

ND20 meter, thanks to its design, available functions and communication possibilities, is the ideal tool to control and monitor energy quality parameters and energy consumption in all industry branches, public utilities or in public service buildings.

Power meter with Ethernet, MQTT - ND30, ND30IoT

LUMEL power meter

Measurement of 54 parameters, harmonics up to 63rd, graphical screen-fully configurable by a user and very user- friendly www server interface - these are just some advantages of our new power network meter ND30 type.

Programmable digital meter - N32


The N32 meters distinguishes : - modern and easy-to-read LCD display - universal measuring input - RS-485 digital output as a standard.

Basic Digital Meter - N24, N25


N24H, N24S, N24T, N24Z N25H, N25S, N25T, N25Z

Visualize Digital Meter | N21


N21 is an ideal soluttion for visualization of industrial processes. Universal input, universal supply and universal OLED display allow to apply meter in many applications.



Measuring shunts B2 type are destined to extend measuring ranges of d.c. ammeters, wattmeters and electrodynamic or ferrodynamic counters which accuracy classes are: 0.5; 1; 1.5; 2.5.

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