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Passive filter - multiwave

KBR Power Qaulity

multiwave: passive solutions for harmonics The load on industrial networks is more and more dominated by a high number of smaller and larger converters. They are used when purchasing new machines or when modifying present machines in order to increase energy effiency.

Active harmonic filter - multiwave

KBR Power Qaulity

multiwave active significantly increases operational safety The loads in industrial networks are increasingly dominated by a large number of small and large converters. In this context, two effects can be observed. Due to the falling number of motors operated directly on the grid, the need for inductive fundamental reactive power is decreasing. At the same time, harmonic currents are increased. The impedance of the network transformer plays a decisive role. A large part of the harmonic voltage is created here, leading to faults in all consumers. This results in unreliable operation of the devices and an increased number of malfunctions.

Power Capacitor - multicond

KBR Power Capacitor Power Qaulity

Power capacitors for reactive current compensation in single-phase and 3-phase versions, developed for the highest requirements. Apart from a long operating life and high current and voltageload capacity, safety in case of overload (all-pole overpressure disconnector) is a crucial advantage of the compact dry technology components. Other features are good heat dissipation, low self-heating as well as reliable performance at high ambient temperatures.

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