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Plugs and Sockets X-CEE


X-CEE series Safety performance IEC 60309 industrial interlocked socket-outlets. The quality of the materials, the terminals with cage clamps throughout the range, the broad entry cable clamping, the total protection rating, the resistance to impacts and crushing make this range suitable for use in the harshest environments.

Mobile Plugs and Sockets - MULTIMAX


MULTIMAX plugs and sockets are IP44 and IP67 rated, their resistant body has passed the Glow wire test at 850°C. Multimax impact resistance is equal to 8J and the operating temperature is -25° ÷ +50°C. Quick wiring made simple by all its components.

Industrial socket outlets - topTER


The topTER low voltage industrial socket-outlets are made of technopolymer designed for wall or flush-mounted products for standard applications. The sockets are available in the IP44 and IP66/IP67 rated versions.

Distribution Boards with Transparent Window IP66


Numerous circuits can be created with few components. Indeed, topTER is a modular system: industrial, interlocked and civil sockets including data transmissions can be combined in absolute freedom.

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