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M100 Transducers

MULTITEK transducer

The M100 series is a comprehensive range of AC and DC transducers providing a DC mA output proportional to its input signal.

M200 Relays

MULTITEK Monitoring Relays

The M200 series is a comprehensive range of AC and DC Monitoring Relays. The relays provide continuous monitoring of electrical systems. Customer adjustable trip points, time delays and resets are available depending on relay type. The M200 series has U.L. Approval and Isolation of 4kV.

MultiRail M880

MULTITEK power meter

MultiRail M880 is a low cost DIN rail-mounted, three phase power meter.

C-Tran Transducer

MULTITEK transducer

The M552 C-Tran is a Current Transformer complete with an integrated, fully programmable, three phase power transducer. It provides two isolated RS485 communication ports both using Modicon's Modbus protocol.

Rogowski coils

MULTITEK rogowski

The M240-RCM Multicoil offers a flexible alternative to conventional solid, and split core, current transformers. With a wide operating range and extremely easy installation, they are perfect for use in retrofitting applications, or when the load simply cannot be disconnected for installation.

AC Power Meter for Rogowski Coil

MULTITEK power meter

The M850-LRC is a unique combination of a 3 phase digital universal metering system and Rogowski coils. It can be used on any voltage system with a wide range of inputs, and incorporates a universal AC or DC auxiliary power supply.

AC Power Meter

MULTITEK power meter

MultiPower M850 is a low cost 96x96mm cased three phase power meter. It measures line Voltages and Currents, Neutral Current, System Frequency, System W, A and VA Demands, System W, A and VA Maximum Demands, System Active Power, System Reactive Power, System Apparent Power, System Active Energy, System Reactive Energy and System Power Factor.

DC Power Meter

MULTITEK power meter

The M850 is a 96 x 96 mm Din cased, blue or red LED or LCD, DC power meter with the option of RS485 communications and pulsed output.

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