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Manual Change-over Switches

TECHNOELECTRIC change over switch

สวิทช์สลับเปลี่ยนแหล่งจ่ายชนิด Manual มีแบบ 2 ชั้นและแบบซ้าย-ขวา ให้เลือกใช้ พิกัดกระแสตั้งแต่ 32A จนถึง 3150A

Switch disconnector VCP Visulacompact

TECHNOELECTRIC Switch disconnector

The switch disconnectors of the VCP series are a series of switch disconnectors that allow the opening and closing of low voltage electrical circuits. They are used in the sector: Power plants Data centers Production facilities Agricultural structures

ATS Controller


It performs the control and command function of a generator and connects the user to the network or generator.

Motorized change-over switches


The three and four pole change-over switches, with motorized operation, allow remote control of change-over/breaking/disconnection under load of power circuits in low voltage systems.

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