Slim Interface relays SIR6W, SIR6WB – NEW!


Slim Interface Relay รีเลย์ขนาดบาง เพียง 6 มม. ประหยัดพื้นที่การติดตั้ง หน้าคอนแทค 1 C/O RELPOL New interface relays SIR6W, SIR6WB! For direct mounting on 35 mm rail mount, with operational relay RM699BV or RSR30.

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Interface relays SIR6W, SIR6WB 

  • Interface relays SIR6W-… consists of screw terminals universal socket with electronic 6W and miniature operational relay – RM699BV or solid state RSR30.  
  • Interface relays SIR6WB-… consists of screw terminals universal socket with electronic 6WB and miniature operational relay  –  RM699BV or solid state RSR30.

Relays SIR6W, SIR6WB are designed for direct mounting on 35 mm rail mount acc. to EN 60715. Relays may be linked with interconnection strip type JB20. Equipped in LED green, that signalling the operation statut of the relay. They have movable ejector – protection and easy replacement of the operational relay. 

For relay SIR6W and SIR6WB we offer 6W-SEP separators that provide optical division of groups of the interface relays, separation of group of interface relays with different supply voltages. In the set with interface relays, a single description plate is supplied.  

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