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Starter Enclosures

BENEDICT Motor Starter

DOL starters are extremely robust and reliable combinations of a power contactor and an overcurrent protection device in an IP65 housing

Overload Relays

BENEDICT Motor Starter

Benedikt & Jäger’s full line of IEC style thermal overload relays provide motor overcurrent protection for a variety of applications. B&J offers overload relays that pair with both our standard “K3” contactors and our “K1” mini-contactors. Contact us for additional information on your contactor and overload relay needs.

Contactors Motor-Starters

BENEDICT Motor Starter

Reliability is predictable. Our switchgear is built to the highest technical standards. Discover our wide range of mini contactors, motor contactors and capacitor switching contactors.

Motor Circuit Brekaer

BENEDICT Motor Starter

Motor Protection Circuit Breakers, fuseless load feeders

DC Switch Disconnect


สวิทช์ตัด-ต่อ สำหรับไฟ DC ที่ใช้สำหรับงาน Solar Cell

Cam Switches


An effectively limitless number of switching programs can be implemented in thermal current ratings Ith 10A up to 1.200A. Cam switches can be used for virtually all purposes, e.g. as motor, main, control or instrument switches.

Capacitor Contactor

BENEDICT Contactor for Capacitor

Capacitor contactors for switching detuned and not detuned (without f lter circuit reactors) compensation systems with early make contacts

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