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Modbus TCP I/O Modules (Ethernet)


The Ethernet I/O-Modules of the MX210 series are available in different variants depending on the combination of the number, type, and properties of their inputs and outputs. The MX210 series includes modules featuring high-frequency inputs of up to 100 kHz for high-speed counting. Each module of this series has two built-in Ethernet ports. This allows interconnection of these devices according to the daisy chain connection, which stands out by simplicity and scalability. The two Ethernet ports are bypass-capable, meaning that the data transfer is not interrupted even if one of the modules fails.

Modbus RTU I/O Modules (RS485)


The I/O-Modules of the MX110 Series offer a cost effective and flxible solution in distributed automation systems. Unlike many centralized I/O systems, the operation of these modules requires no need for involving any bus couplers nor supply modules because each MX110 unit has its own power supply and communication terminals on board. With the proven RS485 interface and intelligent functions, such as pulse counting orsensor state diagnostics, the MX110 modules can be used in different filds, e.g., building technology,

M100 Transducers

MULTITEK transducer

The M100 series is a comprehensive range of AC and DC transducers providing a DC mA output proportional to its input signal.

M200 Relays

MULTITEK Monitoring Relays

The M200 series is a comprehensive range of AC and DC Monitoring Relays. The relays provide continuous monitoring of electrical systems. Customer adjustable trip points, time delays and resets are available depending on relay type. The M200 series has U.L. Approval and Isolation of 4kV.

ATEX Thermostat & Heater

STEGO atex

Our CREx 020 series of enclosure heaters with heating capacities from 50 W to 250 W are approved for use in Zone 1, Zone 2 (Gas-Ex), Zone 21, Zone 22 (Dust-Ex), as well as in mining and hazardous areas. (For use in Group I, a heater must be installed in an approved Ex e enclosure.)

ATEX Signal & Alarm

AUER atex

Auer Signal's explosion proof equipment provides safety for all applications in which the atmosphere can be potentially explosive or hazardous, therefore meeting European ATEX standard.

ATEX Socket & Plug


Palazzoli's restricted breathing devices, ideal for environments with high explosive risk,

MultiRail M880

MULTITEK power meter

MultiRail M880 is a low cost DIN rail-mounted, three phase power meter.


LUMEL transducer

Transducer is destined to convert the temperature, resistance, voltage from shunt and standard signals into a standard constant-current or constant-voltage signal. The transducer output signal is galvanically insulated from the input signal and the supply.

Panel Mount - Series M22

AUER buzzer

Buzzer and LED warning. Panel size Ø 22.5 mm/M22



PR102 is a Mini-PLC equipped with a total of 40 built-in inputs and outputs, and designed to implement basic control systems for various applications such as lighting control, pumping control, ventilation and heating control, and others.



PR100 is a compact Mini-PLC equipped with a total of 20 built-in inputs and outputs, and designed to solve basic automation tasks in lighting control, pumping control, ventilation and heating control, and in other small-scale control systems.

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