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M200 Relays

MULTITEK Monitoring Relays

The M200 series is a comprehensive range of AC and DC Monitoring Relays. The relays provide continuous monitoring of electrical systems. Customer adjustable trip points, time delays and resets are available depending on relay type. The M200 series has U.L. Approval and Isolation of 4kV.

Level monitoring relays

ELKO Monitoring Relays

They monitor the level of conductive liquids in wells, tanks, reservoirs, etc. They can monitor from one to six levels of water with optional fill / drain functions. These are either separately marketable products, or directly involved in the setup with a contactor or motor starter.

Current monitoring relays

ELKO Monitoring Relays

Monitors overcurrent or undercurrent in AC or DC circuits, 1 or 2 independent output contacts

Voltage monitoring relays in 1 Phase

ELKO Monitoring Relays

Voltage monitoring relay in 1P with adjustable levels with NEUTRAL

Voltage monitoring relays in 3 Phase

ELKO Monitoring Relays

Voltage monitoring relays in 3P with adjustable levels HRN-57N, 3 x 172-287 V with NEUTRAL

Multifunction voltage monitoring relay with LCD display | HRN-100

ELKO Monitoring Relays

Multifunction and in many ways universal monitoring relay which protects devices and equipment connected to a 3-phase network.

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