Manual Change-over Switches


สวิทช์สลับเปลี่ยนแหล่งจ่ายชนิด Manual มีแบบ 2 ชั้นและแบบซ้าย-ขวา ให้เลือกใช้ พิกัดกระแสตั้งแต่ 32A จนถึง 3150A

Product detail

Manually Operated Changeover Switches, suitable for
breaking and switching between two low voltage electrical
They are made by two standard switches of
VISUALCOMPACT series. mechanically interlocked.
The arrangement of two switches mounted one on top of
the other makes this execution particularly compact and
easy to connect to cables or bus- bars

3 positions I-0-II
Version without 0 (overlapping) functions 1, 1+II, II up to 3150A
Load break switches two-layer or horizontally interlocked
Visibility of fied and moving contacts by means of
Indipendent fast action operation
Double break contacts
High breaking capacity (ac-23a iec 60947-3)
High electrical and mechanical endurance
Resistant to damp heat
Wide range of accessories
Rotary front operation by means of:
External double insulated handle with door-interlock in I
and II position.
IP65 degree of protection.
Padlockable with up to three padlocks in 0 position
ByPass version available up to 1250 A, 35kA.
6-8 pole special execution available

storage and transport ambient temperature – 25°C + 55°C
working ambient temperature – 20°C + 40°C
in case of higher ambient temperature (ta) consider the
following derating formula:

relative humidity max 95%
rated frequency 50 – 60 Hz
altitude max 2000 m a.s.l.
pollution degree 3 according IEC 60947-1
duty (IEC 60947-1):
eight-hour duty
uninterrupted duty
intermittent duty 60% class 30
temporary duty
periodic duty

IEC 60947-1|IEC 60947-3|UNI EN 60947-1|UNI EN 60947-3

KEMA | RINA | ENEL code 13.32.23 | A2A | CESI | IENGF | EAC

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