Switch disconnector VCP Visulacompact


The switch disconnectors of the VCP series are a series of switch disconnectors that allow the opening and closing of low voltage electrical circuits. They are used in the sector: Power plants Data centers Production facilities Agricultural structures

Product detail


VISUALCOMPACT P is a range of switch disconnectors suitable for making and breaking on load and disconnecting low voltage electrical circuits. They are commonly used for the following purposes:

  • Main switch
  • Switch for motors
  • Disconnector
  • Safety switch

They are available in 6 sizes and 20 current ratings.

_General Characteristics

  • Rated insulation voltage 1500 v ac and 1500 v dc
  • 3 – 4 – 6 – 8 Poles available
  • High breaking capacity (ac-22, ac-23, IEC 60947-3)
  • High electrical and mechanical endurance
  • Double break contacts
  • Self cleaning contacts
  • Contact position positively reliable indicated by the handle
  • Visibility of fixed and moving contacts by means of windows
  • Independent manual operation
  • Neutral contact makes earlier and opens later than the phase contacts
  • Solid neutral version available
  • Neutral at full current until 1250 a, standard, 1600 a ÷ 3150 a on request
  • Suitable protection to prevent accidental touching 
  • of live parts
  • Casing in self-extinguishing (v0), low hygroscopic and high mechanical resistance 
  • Isolating material resistant to damp heat
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Rotary front operation by means of: external double insulated handle with door-interlock in on position, IP65 degree of protection. Padlockable with three padlocks in off position
  • Direct handle (padlockable in off position on request)


  • Storage and transport ambient temperature – 25°c + 55°c
  • Working ambient temperature – 20°c + 40°c
  • In case of higher ambient temperature (ta) consider the following derating formula:
  • IThe = k ITh where K = 1 – t40/100
  • Relative humidity max 95%
  • Rated frequency 50 – 60 hz
  • Altitude max 2000 m a.S.L.
  • Pollution degree 3 according IEC 60947-1
  • Can be mounted in any position, for what concerns the positioning, please refer to the installation instructions
  • Mounting in enclosure: in case of utilisation at full load and without adequate ventilation, ensure a volume of about 5 times the volume of the switch
  • Duty (IEC 60947-1): 8 hours; uninterrupted; intermittent 60% class 30; temporary; periodic.

For different operating conditions, please contact the manufacturer.


IEC 60947-1|IEC 60947-3|UNI EN 60947-1|UNI EN 60947-3



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