ATS Controller


It performs the control and command function of a generator and connects the user to the network or generator.

Product detail

Complete with backlit display to view: 

  • Three mains voltmeters
  • Three generator voltmeters. 
  • Three mains / generator ammeters.
  • Mains / generator frequency meter.
  • Power kVA (apparent) mains / generator.
  • Battery voltmeter.

By simply pressing the arrow key, all the electrical instruments of the network and of the generator are displayed. In the event of an anomaly, the display indicates the message of the anomaly occurred.


  • Automatic monitoring of anomalies with display messages.
  • Complete three-phase voltmetric control of mains and genset (undervoltage, overvoltage, phase asymmetry, incorrect phase sequence, underfrequency and overfrequency).
  • Genset start-up and stop buttons.
  • Button to deviate power user to the mains or generator.
  • Mains and generator indicators.
  • Switching indicators.
  • Texts in 6 languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • RS485 serial port.
  • MOD Bus RTU Protocol.
  • Remote controls (start, stop, EJP).
  • Clock for programming genset starting or stopping.
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