Voltage monitoring relays in 3 Phase


Voltage monitoring relays in 3P with adjustable levels HRN-57N, 3 x 172-287 V with NEUTRAL

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  • It serves to monitor voltage, phase failure and sequence in switchboards, protection of devices in 3-phase mains.
  • It is possible to set upper and lower level of monitoring voltage.
  • Adjustable time delay eliminates short voltage peaks and failures in the main.
  • Supplied from monitored voltage.
  • Faulty state is indicated by red LED and by opening of output relay contact.
  • Output contact 1 or 2 x changeover / SPDT 8 A / 250 V AC1.
  • In case supply voltage falls below 60 %Un (UOFF lower level) relay immediately opens without delay.
  • HRN-54: supply from all phases which means that relay is functional also in case when one phase is faulty.
  • HRN-57N, 54N, 43N,: supply L1, L2, L3-N, means that relay monitors also failure of neutral wire.
  • 1 or 3 MODULE, DIN rail mounting.


  • Phase failure: Yes
  • Phase sequence: Yes / x
  • Overvoltage: Yes
  • Undervoltage: Yes
  • Asymmetry: Yes / x
  • Monitored range:  AC 3 x 172-287 V 
  • Supply voltage: 1 or 2 x CO, 8 A
  • Housing: 1 or 3 -MODULE
  • Power supply: from monitored voltage or External
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