Programmable digital meter – N32


The N32 meters distinguishes : - modern and easy-to-read LCD display - universal measuring input - RS-485 digital output as a standard.

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Product detail

  • two-line LCD display with high contrast and built-in backlighting
  • possibility of displaying the measured value and time simultaneously or an uncalculated quantity or unit (programmable unit of measured quantity)
  • meter programming from keyboard or through the RS-485 interface by means of the free eCon software.
  • 4 alarm outputs with signalling on led diodes, working in 7 different modes (option)
  • conversion of any measured value into an analog signal 0/4…20 mA or 0…10V (option)
  • memory of minimal and maximal values for all measured quantities
  • supply of object transducers
  • 32-point individual characteristic for the measured value

N32H | DC circuit parameters

N32P |1-phase power network meter

N32U | Temperature, resistance and standard signals

N32O | Programmable digital meter of pulses, frequency, rotational speed

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