Power Meter | F96 – TFT Display


The electronic network measuring devices of the multimess F96 series measure and monitor all important parameters in a three-phase network and are available in different versions. Network voltage can be monitored in accordance with EN 61000-4-30. In case of a violation, the voltage and current history is saved and can be analyzed on the TFT display, for example. Different optional interfaces and protocols allow various applications.

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Product detail

  • Measuring accuracy according to DIN EN 61557-12
  • Voltage quality according to DIN EN 61000-4-30
  • Colour scheme of the display is individually adjustable by the user
  • Optionally upgradeable interfaces for any possible application
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Comfortable colored TFT display with graphical representation, e. g. a bar chart of network harmonics up to 63rd
  • Graphical diagnosis of voltage and current levels after a defined EN-61000 event

Measured values
VoltageU Ph–N (L1 – L3) | U Ph-PhU Ph–N (L1 – L3) | U Ph-Ph
ElectricityI Ph (L1 – L3)I Ph (L1 – L3)
Current average valueI Ph (L1 – L3)I Ph (L1 – L3)
Neutral conductor currentIN | IN-averagelIN | IN-average
Apparent powerS Ph (L1 – L3) | S totalS Ph (L1 – L3) | S total
Active powerP Ph (L1 – L3) | P totalP Ph (L1 – L3) | P total
Q1 = fundamental reactive powerQ 1 (L1 – L3) | Q 1 totalQ 1 (L1 – L3) | Q 1 total
Frequencyf Netf Net
HarmonicsTHD (L1 – L3) voltageTHD (L1 – L3) voltage
 Id (L1 – L3) currentId (L1 – L3) current
 3. – 63. Harm. (L1 – L3) valtage3. – 63. Harm. (L1 – L3) voltage
 3. – 63. Harm. (L1 – L3) current3. – 63. Harm. (L1 – L3) current
Rotary field control: Rotary field display in degreesyesyes
Power factorsFundamental component cosφ (L1 – L3)Fundamental component cosφ (L1 – L3)
 Total power factor λ (L1 – L3) | λ totalTotal power factor λ (L1 – L3) | λ total
Electric energyContinuous counter for active energy P+ | P-Continuous counter for active energy P+ | P-
 Continuous counter for reactive energy Q+ | Q-Continuous counter for reactive energy Q+ | Q-
Tariff switchingHT / NT2HT / NT
Load profi le memory P total / Q totalP+ | Q+ (cumulated)3
 P- | Q- (cumulated)3
Duration of load profi le storage
(at 15-minute measuring intervals)
Ring buff er for 366 days
Daily, active and reactive energyAnnual energy memory, daily valuesfor active and reactive energy
Maximum indicator function (min. / max.)yes1yes
Event memory1500 events to log tariff switching commands, error messages, etc. with date and time 3
Operating log500 records with date and time

1 No storage and timestamp
2 Switching via eBus
3 Not readable via Modbus and Profi bus

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