Power factor controller 6, 12 step – multicomp


ใช้สำหรับควบคุมการทำงานของ Capacitor ให้ได้ค่า Power Factor ตามที่ต้องการ The microcontroller-controlled multicomp F144-3 records all network data relevant to the control of small systems via A/D transformer inputs. After calculating the required compensation power to achieve the desired target cos φ, the available capacitor stages are automatically switched on or off with a few switching operations. Programming is menu-assisted and is performed with two buttons. System-specific values are stored in a non-volatile memory. Each stage can be switched individually via the built-in manual-0-automatic function.

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Product detail

  • Detecting and compensating for the missing compensation power in case of recovery into the energy provider network
  • Rapid compensation with few switching operation
  • Display with two-line LC display, stage status an recovery
  • Manual-0-automatic switch separately programmable for each stage
  • Integrated temperature measurement


 multicomp F144-xxx-3 Reactive power controller

 1 multicomp F144-xxx-6RO Reactive power controller with 6 relay outputs for the operation of detuned and undetuned PFC systems
2multicomp F144-xxx-12RO Reactive power controller with 12 relay outputs for the operation of detuned and undetuned PFC systems
3 multicomp F144-xxx-6DO Reactive power controller, 6 optocoupler outputs for dynamic thyristor modules
4 multicomp F144-xxx-12DO Reactive power controller, 12 optocoupler outputs for dynamic thyristor modules
 5 multicomp F144-xxx-6DO6RO Reactive power controller works with hybrid switching, 6 relay- and 6 optocoupler outputs
Switching stages
Relay outputs; 250 VA per output; 250 V AC: 50 / 60 Hz:
[ 1 ] 6
[ 2 ] 12
[ 3 ] 6 Optocoupler outputs
[ 4 ] 12 Optocoupler outputs
[ 5 ] 6 Relay- und 6 Optocoupler outputs
Power per stage [ kvar ] programmable:0 to 999.9 kVar cap. 
Discharge times programmable:0 … 900 sec. 
Manual 0 automatic switch | status display:Standard | Standard 
Learning function for automatic programming by induced current measurement (requirement: transformer fitted into the cable to the compensation unit)via main current transformer 
Rotary field and phase allocation programmableStandard 
Switching performance
Self-optimizing | Circular switching of equal stages:Standard | – 
Special switching functions forMultiple series connection 
Switch-off limit for low load operation:programmable 
Monitoring functions
No-voltage trigger:Standard 
Overcurrent switch-off (only in connection with induced current measurement) 
Overvoltage switch-offfixed 
Excess current switch-off
(only in connection with induced current measurement):
Overvoltage switch-off:fixed 
Temperature measurement and monitoring with fan control and emergency shut-down:Standard 
Harmonics monitoring with alarm message and emergency shut-down | additional displays:Standard | Voltage: KF – U, 3rd – 13th harmonic 
Error messages programmable:Standard 
Target cos φ monitoring; alarm if unreachable:Standard 
Switching operation monitoring with display per stage:Standard 
Controller status display (over / undercompensation):Standard 
Special operating mode
Thyristor fast circuit breaker (optocoupler outputs):[ 3 ], [ 4 ], [ 5 ] 
Single-phase compensation 
Display type:LCD 
Measuring parameters (RMS values | RMS):U PH-N , U PH-PH , cos φ, f network , I main , Stotal, Qtotal,
Ptotal , Q total demand, temp.
Operating time display: 
Measurement accuracy:  Voltage | current | power0,5% | 0,5% | 1% 
Update speed:20ms 
Single phase measurement (4Q):Phase-phase or phase-neutral 
3-phase measurement 
4-quadrant operation*Standard 
Long-term memory:
Password protection
With digit code:Standard 
Voltage path:Low-voltage; direct measurement30 V … 690 V … 790 V AC 50/60 Hz
 Medium voltage1 V … 99.9 kV programmable
Current path:Main current transformer:1 x 0.15 A  … 5 A … 6 A AC
 Induced current transformer:
Frequency range: 40 to 70 Hz
2. Target value cos φ2Automatic switchover in case of energy recoveryto cos φ = 1
Additional relay outputs:Standard 
error message relay/fan relay:error message relay 
Serial interface with KBR eBus protocol: 
Modbus:Modbus RTU 
Power supply
Operating voltage:85 – 265 V AC / DC 
frequency:50  – 60 Hz 
power consumption:max. 15 VA, 9 W 
Switchboard installation:Housing (H x W x D)144 x 144 x 60 mm
 Switchboard cutout (H x W)138 x 138 mm
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