Power factor controller 18 step – multicomp


The multicomp F144-3Ph-…-3 reactive power controller automatically works in 4-quadrant operation (generator operation), i.e. even with return feed into the energy supplier network, missing compensation power is detected and compensated without any problem. Through the integrated temperature measurement input, the ambient temperature in the reactive power compensation unit is also monitored, and if a predefined limiting temperature is exceeded, the ventilator is switched on. Through the three-phase recording of voltage and current, not only the usual three-phase compensation is possible, but also single-phase compensation or a combination of single-phase and three-phase compensation.

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Product detail

  • Detecting and compensating the missing compensation power in case of return feed
  • 18 stages for single-phase or three-phase compensation
  • Switching of capacitive and inductive stages
  • Limiting value monitoring function for the protection of capacitors from overvoltages and excessive harmonic load.
  • Integrated temperature measurement input for monitoring the ambient temperature and switching on fans
  • Illuminated graphic display 128 x 96 pixel with dimming function

Relay outputs; 250 VA per Output; 250 V AC: 50 / 60 Hz:
Power per stage [ kvar ] programmable:0 to 9999,9 kvar inductive or capacitive 
Discharge times programmable:10 ms to 999,99 Sek. 
Hand-0-automatic switch | status display:Standard | Standard 
Rotary field / phase allocation programmable:-|Standard (Imain) 
Swith performance
Self-optimizing (circuit switching of the same stages):Standard 
Special switching functions forGroup switching 
Switch-off limit for light load operation:Programmable 
Monitoring functions
No-voltage trigger:Standard 
Overvoltage switch-offStandard 
Temperature measurement and monitoring with fan control and emergency switch-off:Standard 
Harmonics monitoring with alarm message and emergency switch-off | additional displays:Standard 
Alarm messages programmableStandard 
Target cos φ monitoring; alarm if unaccessible:Standard 
Switching operation monitoring with display per stage:Standard 
Controller status display (over  /undercompensation):Standard 
Special operating mode
Single-phase compensationStandard 
Display type:LCD 
Language:de – en / en – cn 
Measurement parameters (RMS values)PH-N, U PH-PH , I Main, cos φ, f Net,
S-P-Q , S-P-Qtotal, Q total demand, Temp.
Operating time display:Standard 
Measureing precicion: Voltage | current | power1% | 1% | 2% 
Update speed::20ms 
Single phase measurement (4Q):Phase-zero 
Three-phase measurement3x Phase – zero 
Long-term memory for switching operations: 
Password protection
With digit code:Standard 
Voltage path:Low-voltage; direct measurement:
Medium voltage:
Three-phase / single-phase –
Current path:Main current transformer:
Induced current transformer:
Three-phase / single-phase –
Frequency range: 40 or 62 Hz
2. Setpoint cos φ2Automatic switchover in case of energy recovery:Standard | Standard
Additional relay outputs | error message relay / fan relay:Standard | Standard 
Serial interface RS485:eBus, Modbus RTU 
Power supply
Operating voltage | frequency | power consumption:85-265V AC/DC | 5 – 15 VA | 9 W, 50/60 Hz 
Switchboard installation, dimensions in mm (H x W x D)
144 x 144 x 60 
Switchboard cutout, in mm (H x W)138 x 138 
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