Installation contactor


Installation contactors and auxiliary relays are designed to switch more power (load) than the capacitance of the switching component. ELKO EP contactors are baseless and switch over currents up to 63A.

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  • For switching of electric circuits, especially for resistave loads and three-phase induction motors.
  • Cover IP20, IP40 protection caps of all contactor terminals are shipped to order.
  • Special version of installation contactors with not only basic functions but also with manual control.
  • For switching accumulative appliances for heating and service water warming.
  • 2 positions during manual control.


  • Universal supply voltage AC/DC 12 – 240 V or AC 230 V.
  • It is produced in configuration of switching and breaking contacts: 10, 01.
  • It is produced in configuration of switching and breaking contacts: 40, 31, 22, 04.
  • It is possible to connect auxiliary contacts
  • 1 or 2-MODULE, DIN rail or pannel mountaing.
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