PRM provides the quickest and the most convenient, as regards installation and configuration, digital or analog I/O extension for the PR200 Programmable Relay from akYtec. This module connects to the PR200 base unit directly over the internal bus, which ensures much faster and reliable communication as if it would be the case with RS485/Modbus. Moreover, the communication over the internal bus requires no additional I/O configuration as it is with Modbus registers.

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The I/O Modules of the PRM series offer the easiest-to-implement solution to expand the number of inputs and outputs of the PR200 Programmable Relay from akYtec. Once a PRM module has been connected to a PR200, the PR200 treats the PRM’s inputs and outputs as its own. Not only are no communication settings required as compared to establishing a similar communication using Fieldbus protocols but also the same high-speed performance as of the base unit (PR200) is kept.

With one PRM unit, you can add 8 digital inputs and 8 relay outputs or 4 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs to your PR200. If you attach one more PRM, this number is doubled. The inputs and outputs are configurable, which means that you can set each of them for different signals and sensors choosing from 4-20 mA, 0-1V, various thermocouples and RTDs, switch contact, PNP, and many others.

The PRM module is extremely quick and easy to install. It just has to be snapped onto a DIN rail and connected to the main device PR200 over an internal bus (a flexible bus cable is included in the scope of supply). The internal bus provides faster communication than a combination of RS485 and Modbus.

As to supply voltage, the PRM extension module can be delivered in a version either for 24 VDC or for 230 VAC.Functions and features:

  • Possibility to expand PR200 with additional inputs and outputs without network protocols
  • Configurable inputs and outputs with various signals to choose from
  • Power supply independent from the main device
  • The same high-speed performance that of the main device
  • Safety output state
  • Easy connection, removal and replacement
  • Galvanic isolation between the power supply and I/O groups
  • Wide ambient temperature range
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